Film Review – Pride and Prejudice and Zombies


From Igby Goes Down Director Burr Steers, Pride and Prejudice and Zombies, 15, is an adaption of a book, which was an adaption of another book. Yes, someone thought to add zombies to Jane Austen’s classic Pride and Prejudice. You can thank Seth Grahame-Smith for that.

Now I’m not about to tell you this was a sensational film. It really wasn’t but it was amusing and actually not all that bad but anyone expecting the serious undertones of Ms. Austen’s 1813 novel will be thoroughly disappointed. It’s zombies and 19th century England , you’ll need to have some giggles in you. While the general structure and storyline of the original novel are used here, we are given Grahame-Smith’s interpretation of a classic. Yes, we have the zombie battles, brain eating’s and quite zany humour.

Going into this film I expected that it would be the exact same as the original with a few zombies slotted in for some fun. And to a certain extent, that’s what it is. But as soon as the film starts you can see quite quickly that there is going to be a lot more depth to the zombie plot. Starting with a history 101 to the zombie outbreak in England followed by Colonel Darcy, played by Sam Riley, blowing the head of an English gentleman.

In the original story the Bennet sisters were raised to speak their mind and make their own way. And as such this is still portrayed, but we also have the fact that these women are trained zombie fighters and are pretty much a group of badass warriors. There is a good mix between the romantic drama and the zombies. We get the (slightly over dramatised) flaming growing love of Elizabeth Bennet played by Lily James and Mr Darcy but there is always that feeling of ‘when will the zombies attack’.

Matt Smith stole the show in each scene he was in. No one in the cinema couldn’t help but laugh at his bumbling fool routine. He handled Mr Collins with a truly comedic approach which seemed out of place with the rest of the movie, but still worked because again, serious has nothing to do when adding zombies to literary classics.

Give it a try, it’s certainly worth the giggles. And make sure to stay behind for a few minutes during the credits, it will certainly satisfy your zombie needs.


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