Getting back in the groove with EIFF 2016


The Edinburgh International Film Festival sets the city up for a long summer of festival madness. I am back this year as a volunteer after a two year gap and it’s like I’ve never been away.

The usual Saturday training before the festival starts is as always eventful.Meeting your team, getting t-shirts 5x to big for you, hilarious speeches from management and a secret screening of one of the festivals films. This year it’s ‘Hunt for the Wilder People’, think UP for adults.

I’ll be working in the Delegate Centre, the hub of the press and industry folk. I’ve done this before and it’s great to be back here. The characters you meet in this role is one of the best parts of the festival.

Something that hasn’t changed is the annual back packing… Essentially there are hundreds of delegates who come to this festival and we the volunteers make up their goody bags. As boring as that may seems to the outside world it’s a great chance for the teams to get to know each other.

But the next two weeks will be eventful. Gala’s, parties, in person talks with Kevin Smith and Kim Cattrall and the premier of FINDING DORY!!! I’m maybe just a little bit to excited for that?

The full lineup of films can be viewed here, but get in fast as tickets are selling out.


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