The Daily Record: RECAP – T in the Park 2016


Day One

Bringing the set to an end Guy Lawrence spoke to the crowd and said: “We can’t come to T in the Park without bringing one special guest.”

On walks Brendan Reilly who starts belting out the high notes for Moving Mountains before the duo finish up with crowd favourite, Latch, with fans bouncing on shoulders and singing along.

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Day Two

Rolling back the years, it could almost be T in The Park 2000 after Travis kick started their set in King Tut’s Wah Wah Tent to a roaring packed crowd with Sing.

Fran Healey and co bursting with energy asked how everyone was doing and sprung right into Selfish Jean with eager screams from the crowd.

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Day Three

Marking three years since their last appearance at T in the Park, Chase and Status kick-started as red smoke covered the stage along with warning alarms being set of and a smoke alarm with it.

Hypest Hype sent the crowd into a frenzy quickly followed by Let You Go with the help of an encouraging MC Rage.

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