Bloody Students: Social media is ruining us


I remember a time when social media was a place to share pictures of loved ones and great events happening in our lives. And the most dramatic thing would be when one of your friend’s relationship status went from “in a relationship” to “single”.

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Bloody Students: When the reality of spending kicks in…


As a student I figured I would be poor. But the reality hits hard a few months in.

If you are a young person there are many funding options available. Tuition fees paid for by SAAS, bursaries and student loans to name a few. But what if you’re a mature student? Well of course all the above applies. But for me, I am a mature student who has a degree. Meaning all the above (except the loan) does not apply.

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Bloody Students: Why Glasgow is the best place to study


This time last year I wasn’t even thinking of college. I had done my degree in Media and managed to snag a PR job in London. I had resigned to myself that any dreams of journalism would only be a hobby. I was happy writing music reviews in my spare time. Or so I thought.

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