Film Review: T2 Trainspotting


It has been 20 years since Mark has stepped foot on Scottish soil. Ever since he done one over on his mates and ran off with £20,000 drug money. Now he’s back and not everyone is happy to see him, least of all Begbie.

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Film Review: Doctor Strange


Just when you think that the Marvel Cinematic Universe cannot have any more ideas that can outdo its previous strong performances, you’re proven wrong. Doctor Strange opens up the MCU and brings in the supernatural, magic, sorcerers and the (until this point) unknown multi-verse. They have gone beyond earth and outer space.

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Cosplay vs harassment in the UK

MCM Scotland Comic Con: Marvel Meet-up

Cosplay. The general public might not understand what I mean by this, but in the world of fandoms it’s a way for people to express themselves by dressing up as their favourite characters from TV, film and comic books. Cosplays come in all shape and sizes, from your bog standard store-bought Iron Man costume to the intricately detailed homemade designs.

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